Welcome to the Imaging and Computer Assistance in Radiation Therapy Workshop!

We gladly announce the workshop for Imaging and Computer Assistance in Radiation Therapy (ICART), which is held in conjunction with the Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions (MICCAI) conference in München.

As with the previous workshop we will invite scientists with a research focus on methods and technology and particularly researchers with a strong clinical background.

Why Radiation Therapy at MICCAI?

Radiation Therapy has been a key clinical application scenario for image guidance, image processing and motion compensation. It remains one of the most prominent clinical application fields for new imaging and image processing methods and it is highly computerized.

Recent advances in fast and integrated imaging lead to image guided setup and inter-fractional plan adaptation. Current trends point to real-time image guidance and compensation of intra-fractional motion and deformation as well as continuous monitoring of macro- and microscopic changes in the tumor environment.

Aims of the workshop

Presenting current work on medical image processing in image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), including adaptive treatment planning, motion compensated dose delivery, and dose verification. Exchanging experiences and ideas on clinical and technical challenges. Discussing recent trends in research and clinical application, including 4D imaging, real-time image guidance, and plan adaptation.